DocuData Software solutions are designed with you in mind, offering you the flexibility and features to control your documents throughout their lifecycle and access information about them whenever you need it. DocuData is the only record storage software company offering a cradle to grave document management solution that totally integrates and replicates data between record storage centers and their customers with our unique EDC ActiveWeb™ and EDC ActiveFile Software™. We make it easy to search for, locate, and order physical and electronic documents, on and off site.

DocuData Software provides unique record management software solutions designed for record storage centers, corporations, government agencies, and businesses to assist in effectively and efficiently managing and maintaining physical and electronic documents. The two primary solutions offered by DocuData are EDC Record Center Software (link) and EDC ActiveFile Software™ (link), both of which can be seamlessly linked or interface with easy to use web based solutions.

At DocuData, we are a young, highly motivated team of professionals. We have years of experience in one of North America’s leading independent RIMS companies, giving us significant depth of knowledge in the industry. Our customer-centric business philosophy inspires our dedicated commitment to ensuring your success.

We do more than just design, develop, and implement innovative, effective solutions. We work closely with record storage centers to adapt our software to precisely fit their individual needs. We not only provide direct, automated, and web access to records and information; we make ourselves accessible for transitional and ongoing support. We make high-tech easy, cost-effective and practical.

Since its inception, DocuData has been at the forefront of technology, providing reliable and secure software tools for organizing, storing, retrieving, tracking, and archiving data. Our domain expertise, strong strategic partnerships, and powerful solutions have enabled our clients to maintain ongoing accuracy, maximize efficiency, and maintain standards compliance.

DocuData is located in Montreal, Canada with customers in North, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, and India.